4 Great Outdoor Activities Made Possible with an Instant, Inflatable Couch

Canada is beautiful, and that is why many Canadians spend a lot of time outside during the warm months. Do you enjoy the great outdoors, but you’re tired of sitting on rocks and dirt? The Pocket Couch is the ultimate in outdoor comfort! Simply unpack your Pocket Couch, roll the end to seal and compress the air to the desired pressure, fold and clip, and then you can sit back! It is the perfect accessory for nearly every activity outside, including:

1. Going to the Beach

We all know the downsides of laying on just a towel at the beach. Sand gets everywhere! However, bringing a lounge chair is heavy and you’re probably already trying to juggle a lot. A Pocket Couch solves both of these problems. You’re up off the sand, but it is quite easy to carry along. Bonus: Once you’re tired of lying in the sand with your Pocket Couch, you can float on it in the water as well!

2. Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is great, but what do you do once you get to the top? Just turn around and come back? No way! With a Pocket Couch, you can sit down and relax a while as you take in breathtaking views.

3. Camping

Inflatable furniture will change the way you go camping for the rest of your life! No more lugging heavy camp chairs or sleeping on skimpy air mattresses. Revolutionary designs paired with lightweight materials provide the ultimate in portable comfort, wherever your camping adventures take you.

4. Concerts

Outdoor concerts, especially during the summer, are quite popular in Canada. If you avoid going because you don’t want to stand the whole time or sit on the ground, a Pocket Couch is the answer you have been looking for.

Don’t trust just any brand of inflatable furniture. Other brands use a low cost blended nylon, which is not air or water tight, with a second layer of plastic inside the bag. This adds weight, and doesn't hold air very long. Pocket Couch is made of a single layer of high quality TPU-coated nylon, which is 1/3 lighter than the other designs, and holds air up to 3x longer. Don’t take a risk with the other guys, buy your Pocket Couch today!