About us

About Us

It has been said that the key to success is finding the one thing you can be very best at, and focusing on that. Here at Pocket Couch, we are world class loungers, and take our dedication to lounging seriously! There are few things we enjoy more than being cozy on the couch, so we asked ourselves, “Why limit that experience to the living room? Why not find a way to enjoy that living room comfort in nature, at festivals, at the beach, or in the mountains?”

In the early days, we experimented with ways to do this but learned, it just wasn't practical (or fun) to lug a heavy couch everywhere we went. If only there were a way to stuff a couch in a pocket? This was the thought that led to the evolution of the Pocket Couch.  Now we’re committed to sharing its portable, living room comfort with you, so you too can enjoy the comfort of your living room anywhere you go.

We happily dedicate endless hours into testing our products for comfort and function. We’re always looking for new ways and places to enjoy Pocket Couch inflatable air loungers. We’ve taken them camping into the Rocky Mountains, to summer festivals and outdoor events, and even floated Pocket Couch down several rivers and on lakes. Did you know that Pocket Couch also makes a great, dry seat for resting your legs on the ski hill? Would you believe we’ve even spotted them in actual living rooms?

It’s our passion to share the comfort and versatility with you. Please share your stories and pictures of all the amazing ways and places you’ve found to chill in Pocket Couch style. We will enter you in our contest to win another air lounger, because we believe the only thing better than a Pocket Couch, is two Pocket Couches.  

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