Pocket Couch 2.0


Meet the new and improved Pocket Couch! We've reconfigured our original Pocket Couch to provide increased comfort and stability while lounging. Changes include a larger, slightly notched headrest to better support your head and neck, and three points of contact with the ground for increased overall stability. We're also using a new material and have adopted a single-walled, single-mouth construction to make Pocket Couch the lightest, fastest and easiest-filling inflatable sofa available. Made of high quality TPU-coated nylon, Pocket Couch 2.0 is highly durable, 100% waterproof and resistant to mildew. But wait! The best part is that it weighs just under 2 lbs/0.85 kgs, making it your number one go-to for portable indoor/outdoor seating.

Other features include a tab and tent peg for staking down on windy days, mesh pockets on both sides, and it's own carrying pouch.

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